Sister Companies


Vehicle, Fuel and Environment Research Institute (VFERI) was founded in March 2003 in order to pave the way to know-how development and research evolution accomplishment in considered disciplines related to vehicles design and engineering emphasizing on utilized energy optimization with environmental concerns. VFERI has established a spinoff knowledge base company in April 2010 named MANA. This company covers the goals along VFERI’s commercialization and innovation objects. VFERI’s innovative and knowledgebase products have been commercialized in MANA Company. VFERI and MANA Company are located in the same place at university of Tehran.
VFERI is capable of carrying out various scientific and industrial projects using several hardware and software facilities and also expert human resources in scientific and industrial research fields. Some of these areas are listed below:
Performing conventional and non - convectional tests on different kinds of internal combustion engines
Numerical analysis and simulation of industrial processes
Engineering design and prototyping
Numerical weather prediction and air quality modeling
Design, holding, and support training course
Scientific data base development.