Sister Companies


TADBIR Company based on the experiences of the founders, in order to provide better services and modern methods of construction and promote the culture of construction and with full knowledge of the capabilities of the owners and engineers in the field of building industry has been established.
With more than half a century of experience and continuous activity of managers in the field of building and industry, along with our engineers, experts and colleagues, the company believes that an experienced manpower and experienced management need to do just about every project with expertise, cooperation and The professional intimacy will be the best backing and professional experience of the company over the years. This backbone of our most important asset, along with respect for the wishes of the employer, will be our mission and goal.
The company has a ranking of buildings, facilities and equipment from the organization of management and planning of the country. Based on its high goals, TADBIR is active in the following areas:
- Manage construction and project planning
- Contractor for industrial and construction projects
- Design and construction (implementation agency)
- Supervision
- Urban development
- Business and Foreign trade (technology and modern materials)