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Nirooresan Sahand E&C Co.

Nirooresan E&C Co. was established in 1992 as "Nirooresan Sepahan Engineering Co", and after 4 years, it was re-organized and registered in Tehran as the new name of "Nirooresan Sahand Engineering and Construction Company".
The Company has increasingly aimed to provide engineering and executive (EPC) services for industrial projects, particular & selected buildings and urban facilities in accordance with its capabilities and experiences. Contract management services, including executive management & technical management of activities in electrical & mechanical engineering fields are also in scope of services. Fields of activities are industrial project : (oil, gas, petrochemical), energy, manufacturing, and mining industries, and electrical-mechanical utilities in specific non-industrial projects, historical, tourism, health care, renovation and revamping.
The company was certified on good works in domestic and foreign industrial and non-industrial companies.