Domestic Companies


LOTUS IRANIAN Co. (LIC) is a supplying & Engineering Company which has been established in 2014 in Iran. With the help of professional managers and experts, we do our best to create a comfortable and convenient future by offering a pack of complete services regarding equipment and engineering to our valuable customers. We are the exclusive representative of Novenco, Maico, InfinAir, LG-CNS, and Tempestini in Iran. The main target of the founders of LOTUS IRANIAN is to become the first Mega supplier in Iranian market by collaboration with first class and well-known brands in the world. L.I.C with its team of engineering and technical experts in all the aforementioned fields has successfully carried out several projects in line with the company’s values: commitment to quality and reliability and knowledge, creativity and innovation management concerning our customers. In New L.I.C Generation, while providing the main needs of the industry, our goal is to consult, design and implement unique projects which require energy saving solutions as well as reinforcing an efficient equipment supply network and developing commercial projects in cooperation with our foreign partners. L.I.C ultimate goal is to provide our customers with creative technical solutions, relying on the expertise of our foreign partners, in the above-mentioned fields. To achieve the company’s goals, L.I.C executes development programs in project and quality management, investment and development management, and knowledge and creativity management sections in accordance with the company’s principles.