IT & ICT and virtual banking


The field of the provision of new telecommunication technology services, including the development of digital content business, digital economy, and its software and hardware platforms, is defined in the following areas:

  • Establishing and launching of Internet TVs (IP.TV) dedicated to football
  • Establishment and launch of Internet banking TV (IP.TV.BANKING),
  • Presenting and integrating digital content and technology services in the field of tourism, including the provision of a single electronic window, CP services, and intelligent location content base,
  • MVNO Operator Services and Mobile Apps,
  • Provide RCS Operator Service,
  • Establish and organize a software and hardware network "Personal Skills Training"
  • Providing software and hardware support services for operators,
  • Provision of electronic publishing services.
  • Commercialization strategy of the service: The partnership's commercialization strategy includes the following:
  • Launching early and low capital investment plans with the goal of self-sufficient turnover,
  • Attracting investment from government and private sectors to implement infrastructure projects such as the Single Window of Tourism and Internet TVs and TV.B.,
  • Selling digital content services in the form of a management contract such as lens system, IP.TV Esteghlal and Persepolis football clubs,
  • Sales of digital economy management services and commercialization of technology-centric systems,
  • Sell software and hardware services to operators such as MVND and RCS,