Sister Companies


Since its establishment (2006) up to date, Iranian Architectural Center (IAC) has always been committed to filling parts of this large gap along with expert society in academic, management and execution areas of activities and also taking some possible steps to the development of our country by the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Codifying new experience-based training courses that help to make a much more efficient present of architects in architectural professions (e.g MBA comprehensive courses for architects).
  • Codifying knowledge-based courses that rely on new technology, material, and software in order to promote the quality of the student's science level and making updated architects.
  • Creating proper backgrounds for flourishing talents and reinforcing young people's spirit by launching an architectural competition, for instance, the annual competition of Superior Architect.
  • Explaining urban construction problems and offering practical solutions by launching applied conferences based on the rich culture and Islamic architecture of Iran.
  • Collaborating with students of IAC in designing and executing projects of ATIN company (designing – execution department of IAC) in order to compose harmonic cooperation between education and professional experience.
  • Creating educational equality by offering scholarships for talented students to attend freely in training courses.