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Farda Consulting Engineers was founded in 2003 by a number of engineers and architects with experience and scientific ability as scholar and experts in various sectors of construction and project management industry in Tehran. The company is constantly developing new ideas, recognizing new ways and improving the quality of consulting, project implementation and manufacturing management through more than a century of collaborative college experience that is seamlessly working and achieving opportunities. New in various fields of construction, such as architecture, supervision, management, materials and other matters in this area.
Farda Consulting Engineers Company is pleased to announce the experiences of its engineers to provide modern construction services in order to promote the optimal construction culture by fully understanding of the actual and potential possibilities of himself and his colleagues in the construction industry Accordingly, Farda Consulting Engineers will provide engineering and management services in the following fields:
Project Management and Planning: By using innovative and organized services such as project planning, project control and coordination required for project implementation
- financial management and resource supply
- control of changes and economic and technical evaluation
Design and Supervision: Provide harmonized designs and climate-compatible performance with the use of manufacturing technology and materials in the form of project design and Supervision.
Residential buildings - commercial
Community Halls - Service Sets - Tourism & Cultural
Industrial complexes and factories
Rehabilitation and reconstruction
Interior architecture and decoration
Urban development, comprehensive design, urban art and furniture.